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Archived news (2003 - 2014)

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Updated PRNG archive with fixed pseudo random number generator _read functions.

May 29, 2012
Mar. 27, 2012
Mar. 09, 2012
The new site is functional; the old Netsurf pages will be available until end of May 2012.

Feb. 21, 2012
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Oct. 29, 2011
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Updated AMath archive with some minor changes in the Special Functions units: June 26, 2011
May 27, 2011
Apr. 26, 2011
Mar. 28, 2011
Feb. 24, 2011
Jan. 28, 2011
Jan. 04, 2011
Dec. 19, 2010
Changes on the CRC/Hash page: Nov. 25, 2010
Oct. 26, 2010
Updated AMath archive: Oct. 08, 2010
Sep. 19, 2010
Updated AMath archive: Aug. 20, 2010
July 26, 2010
June 30, 2010
May 27, 2010
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Jan. 30, 2010
AMath archive with separate introduction: Dec. 25, 2009
Nov. 26, 2009
Oct. 12, 2009
Changes on the CRC/Hash page: Sep. 11, 2009
July 31, 2009
The preliminary end of the D12 adjustment series: July 25, 2009
More Delphi 2009 adjustments: July 18, 2009
Delphi 2009 adjustments for the algorithms on the Crypto page

July 12, 2009
Some Delphi 2009 (D12) related changes: In order to compile without errors the HRTimer and Base2N units in the util archive are fixed, and a new symbol D12Plus is defined in std.inc. With these new files most packages (except DCRT, zlib) work with D12, there are some string/char related warnings which will be addressed during normal updates.

There is an updated Blowfish archive: Besides the D12 changes, an issue with a lost {$apptype console} directive is fixed.

June 06, 2009
SkipJack cipher on the Crypto page
Changes on the CRC/Hash page:
 - Updated crcm_cat and crc_model units
 - TCRC16.EXE demo application included in binary archive

May 23, 2009
Apr. 18, 2009
New and improved stream ciphers on the Crypto page: Apr. 04, 2009
Updated Compvers V0.20 supports FPC 2.2.4 in the util archive
Version 1.11.20 of MPArith and separate introduction: With Burnikel-Ziegler division, Toom-3 multiplication / squaring and more

Mar. 02, 2009
Updated standard include file and BTypes unit in std.zip
MPArith V1.10.27 with modular cube roots, CRT-RSA factor recovery, number of partitions with Hardy - Ramanujan - Rademacher formula

Jan. 07, 2009
MPArith V1.9.18 with Karatsuba square root, fast 32 bit prime generator, RSA factor recovery

Dec. 12, 2008
Now there is a separate page for archived news
More packages use the updated BTypes unit: Nov. 22, 2008
After some feedback related to D12 (aka Delphi 2009) and 64 bit FPC, the BTypes unit in the util archive has been rewritten for better portability. The following packages are the first that use the updated unit, other will be released in the near future: Nov. 07, 2008
PRNG archive: added dword functions for all generators
Version 1.8.21 of MPArith and separate introduction with significant improvements for power detection and root extraction

Oct. 03, 2008
Version 1.7.23 of MPArith and separate introduction
Updated standard include file in std.zip

Sep. 07, 2008
Changes on the CRC/Hash page:
 - FPC V2.2.2 fix for FCRC32
 - Interactive TCRC16 GUI demo program
32 bit Camellia implementation on the Crypto page
Small fixes for the zlib library

Aug. 16, 2008
Anubis block cipher

Aug. 04, 2008
Changes on the Crypto page:
  - All-in-one AES EAX functions
  - Range check safe AES IncProcs for FPC -dDebug
  - New defaults values for Salsa20 stream cipher

July 17, 2008
Changes on the CRC/Hash page:
  - Renamed and expanded KDF unit
  - Updated information about Hash/HMAC routines
  - Improved and fixed crcmodel unit
  - New crcm_cat unit with 30+ CRC algorithms
FPC V2.2.2 fixes for zlib library and example programs
Updated FCA demo programs

June 27, 2008
Camellia block cipher on the Crypto page
Updated util archive: Compvers V0.18 (for FPC 2.2.2) and Sort V1.18

June 12, 2008
CRT, RSA/CRT, Cornacchia etc in MPArith V1.6.18; updated introduction

May 21, 2008
CRC/Hash page: The Hash and HMAC routines support messages with arbitrary bit lengths

Apr. 30, 2008
Some more block ciphers on the Crypto page: SEED, Serpent, Shacal-2, and XTEA

Mar. 30, 2008
Updated util archive: TSC V0.35 and HRTimer V0.23 implement  _ReadCounter and CalcCPUFrequency via sysutils.time on non-Windows 32 bit systems (e.g. BSD or Linux); Base2N V0.38 with ansistring functions for all 32 bit compilers.

Feb. 03, 2008
Version 1.5.16 of the MPArith archive with separate introduction

Jan. 12, 2008
AES with CFB8 mode on Crypto page
Version 1.4.07 of MPArith

Dec. 24, 2007
Floating point arithmetic in V1.3.19 of the MPArith package
Updated util archive (HRTimer V0.22, Mem_Util V0.94)

Oct. 12, 2007
AES with XTS mode (IEEE P1619 Draft Standard) on Crypto page

Oct. 05, 2007
Changes on the CRC/Hash page:
 - Fixed SHA512 unit for messages with more than 512MB
 - PPCH: Pure Pascal CRC/Hash replacement units
 - Updated CRC/Hash demo programs
 - Version 1.17 of the FAR manager plugin
Updated standard include file in std.zip (FPC {$asmmode intel} is defined for CPUI386 only.)

Sep. 22, 2007
Version 1.2.30 of the mpint archive
FPC V2.2.0 related update of the util archive (CompVers V0.17, BitArray V0.17)

Aug. 10, 2007
Updated util archive (CompVers V0.16)
Version 1.1.27 of the mpint archive

July 08, 2007
Changes on the CRC/Hash page:
 - Fast FCRC32 implementation (Slicing-by-4 from zlib 1.2.3)
 - BASM16 for Adler32 (speed-up factor 15)
 - Include file for BASM16 table alignment

June 24, 2007
AES: AES-CMAC-PRF-128 from RFC 4615; new EAX context name
EAX and OMAC modes for Twofish and Blowfish
Updated information about Hash/HMAC routines

May 17, 2007
Multi precision rational arithmetic in the updated mpint archive and its associated introduction page

Apr. 25, 2007
prng archive with xor4096 pseudo random number generator
The stream ciphers ABC and Phelix are no longer updated

Mar. 17, 2007
Updated versions of the mpint archive and the related separate introduction

Mar. 07, 2007
MD4, eDonkey/eMule on CRC/Hash page; updated demo programs with new GUI layout
Version 1.16 of the FAR manager plugin with MD4, eDonkey/eMule
prng archive with kiss123 pseudo random number generator

Feb. 14, 2007
Version 1.15 of the FAR manager plugin
Updated CRC/Hash units to avoid the Delphi eof/4GB bug
Fixed CRC/Hash demo programs (the FCA demo programs are not yet updated and are valid for file sizes less than 2GB)

Feb. 09, 2007
All 32 bit Delphi versions (including Turbo Delphi) have buggy eof functions (end of file) for files larger than 4 GB. Therefore the file handling routines from this site should be considered valid only for file sizes less than 4 GB.

Jan. 26, 2007
Fixed Whirlpool unit (V0.33) and Rocksoft™ Model CRC Algorithm on CRC/Hash page
Updated CRC/Hash demo programs
Version 1.14 of the FAR manager plugin
Updated util archive (Base2n V0.37, Dates V0.33)

Jan. 21, 2007
The Whirlpool implementations (up to V0.32) had a bug for messages with more than 512 MB.

Nov. 20, 2006
Phelix stream cipher on Crypto page
Updated standard include file in std.zip

Nov. 08, 2006
Updated mpint with expression parsing/evaluation, Kronecker symbol etc
Sort, BTypes, and Delphi CRT units on the Misc. page
Contributed AES256 file crypt/authenticate unit for FCA on crypto page

Sep. 09, 2006
Updated mpint version with new inversionless ECM, square roots (mod p), and other new functions

Aug. 04, 2006
ABC V3 available on Crypto page

July 30, 2006
AES with CMAC mode on Crypto page
Compressed AES tables as a countermeasure against cache timing attacks
New and updated links

June 15, 2006
Twofish block cipher on Crypto page
Blowfish speed doubled for 16 bit BASM

May 24, 2006
Version 1.13 of the FAR manager plugin with special MD5 processing for PE files and optional expanded file names in result files

May 07, 2006
Salsa20 stream cipher on Crypto page
Salsa20 based cryptographic random number generator in prng archive
ABC V2 is no longer supported

Apr. 14, 2006
OpenPGP compatible CRC24 on CRC/Hash page; updated demo programs with new GUI layout
Version 1.12 of the FAR manager plugin with CRC24 support and reduced file/data size
Updated util archive with help files and fio unit

Mar. 12, 2006
Updated mpint version with Windows and Borland Pascal help files
ABC V2 should be considered insecure

Feb. 18, 2006
New Hash/HMAC architecture, RIPEMD-160, and a separate introduction on the CRC/Hash page
Updated Hash/CRC demo and FCA demo programs
Version 1.11 of the FAR manager plugin with RIPEMD-160 support

Dec. 23, 2005
Whirlpool hash function on the CRC/Hash page and updated demo programs
Version 1.10 of the FAR manager plugin with Whirlpool support
Updated HRTimer V.21 and MemUtil 0.92 in the util archive

Dec. 03, 2005
Updated CRC/Hash demo programs: GCH V0.66 with Hex upcase checkbox and CCH V0.71 fixed for some $ifdefs.

Nov. 30, 2005
Updated mpint version with basic RSA support and other new functions
Some small units are integrated into the new util archive.

Oct. 31, 2005
Updated MemUtil version with new unit Base2N
D9/WDOSX compatible Dates unit

Sep. 28, 2005
Updated mpint version with many new functions and features, and a separate short introduction

Sep. 24, 2005
CRC/Hash FAR plugin version 1.9 with multi file mode on the CRC/Hash page

Sep. 05, 2005
Dmitry Yerokhin contributed Russian translations of the .hlp and .lng files for FAR plugin V1.8.

Aug. 19, 2005
Updated mpint version with William's p+1 method, Lucas V functions, bug fixes

Aug. 09, 2005
ABC V2 stream cipher on renamed Crypto page
ABC and AES based cryptographic random number generators in prng archive

Aug. 03, 2005
Improvements and more generators (incl. cryptographic ISAAC generator) in prng archive
FPC V2.0 fixes for zlib library and example programs
Work on ABC stream cipher in progress

June 04, 2005
prng archive with pseudo random number generators and the small ministat statistics unit
CRC/Hash demo program CCH V0.70 now with command line options

May 22, 2005
The new FPC version 2.0 is out, at the moment without "out of the box" DOS/Go32v2 support - contrary to statements on www.freepascal.org and in the readme.txt! It compiles my sources without errors; StrictLong  related warnings can be avoided with temporary new versions of std.inc and zconf.inc.

May 16, 2005
Updated mpint: Non-recursive Jacobi/Legendre symbol
New zlibex unit with custom inflate and deflate zlib routines used in the updated FCA demo program
Small compatibility changes to other sources for D9 (aka Delphi 2005) and FPC 1.9.8

Mar. 28, 2005
Updated mpint: Montgomery reduction, Jacobi/Legendre symbol
Pascal port of zlib library on Misc. page

Jan. 31, 2005
FAR plugin version 1.8 on the CRC/Hash page

Jan. 16, 2005
New mpint multi precision integer package on Misc. page
Additional mpint related links

Jan. 06, 2005
CRC/Hash page: Bugfix for SHA512 and recompiled binaries
keyderiv with longint iteration count and new HMACSHA256/512 functions
Faster CRC16/32 routines for 16 bit BASM

Dec. 28, 2004
Faster AES routines and new Blowfish section on renamed Crypto page
Updated MemUtil unit

Oct. 23, 2004
Faster key generation and updated benchmark on AES page

Jul. 18, 2004
EAX mode, AES DLL, and new demo program on AES page
PBKDF2 key derivation function, DLL now with HMACs and keyderiv on the CRC/Hash page

Jun. 10, 2004
OMAC mode on AES page
Minor changes (removed dead links, updated AES timings, ...)

Apr. 14, 2004
FAR plugin version 1.7 on the CRC/Hash page
Delphi 7 support verified, minor bug fixes

Mar. 07, 2004
Int64 support for SHA384/512 hash functions
Significant speedup of AES key generation

Jan. 09, 2004
New considerably faster AES routines

Jan. 05, 2004
New SHA224 Hash function and FAR plugin version 1.6

Dec. 21, 2003
The long announced AES page is released

Dec. 17, 2003
Recompilation of the FAR Manager plugin, HRTimer V0.15, and new a Dates unit

Dec. 01, 2003
New page layout
New Hash functions SHA384/512, speedup 25% Delphi32 .. 42% BP7, GCH: INI file and Richedit

Nov. 2003
Hash/CRC V1.5: Includes the Oct speedups and some Virtual Pascal improvements

Oct. 2003
This version of the basic CRC/Hash routines comes with english comments in the source, some optimizations, and is about 25% faster than the Sep 2003 version (measured with CCH for a 40 MB file)

Sep. 2003
Hash/CRC V1.4: New Adler32 and CRC64 routines are integrated into the FAR plugin

Sep. 2003
Basic routines with new Adler32, CRC64, bCRC64 code; "XL" versions for WIN32 compilers; updated GCH/CCH demo programs

Jul. 2003
Tableless bCRC32 routine, "File" and "Full" versions

May 2003
GCH/CCH demo programs as applications for the base routines

Mar. 2003
Hash/CRC V1.2: better SHA256 display; interruptible; plugin compiled with Virtual Pascal

Feb. 2003
Hash/CRC V1.1: FAR plugin published on the new home page

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